Ich begleite HR-, Führungs- & Team-Arbeit

Bringing existing resources to light and utilizing them in creating solutions. 

Coaching & Consulting

I combine my many years of experience gained in a global corporation, in leadership work and in consulting roles with systemic approaches, attitudes and methods.


_I support organizations in achieving the best possible balance between corporate and employee-related interests of HR work.

_I support organizations in clarifying the self-image and entrepreneurial contribution of the HR function.

_I coach those responsible for HR work in dealing with challenges experienced in their roles.


_I offer solution-oriented work to people on personal or professional issues to expand their own options for action and/or perspectives.

_I strengthen people in their self-leadership in order to increase the effectiveness of their leadership work.

_I support people and organizations in expanding their competencies for new requirements and realities in leadership work.


_I support future and existing teams in their work on topics relevant to them and in the further development of their collaboration.

_I offer teams an opportunity to take a "step aside", to take time together and to use conversations to get to know each other also differently.

_I support teams in developing joint solutions and sustainable agreements.

Unleash the potential of HR work.

In recent decades, the HR function has largely established itself as a strategic partner in companies. In many organizations, a "People & Culture" role has even emerged to emphasize that people are no longer seen as a "resource". This is also based on the conviction that creating an environment or culture in which employees feel comfortable and can make their contribution is key to success. This increasing importance of HR explains why management and/or executives have higher expectations of the work, processes, tools and expertise of the HR role.

In supporting all functions and areas of an organization, the attitude, self-image and processes that are shaped by HR work have a normative character and are therefore culture-forming.

How the work with and for people is lived expresses what is desired in the organization, in management work and in human interaction.

In my understanding, HR work develops its effectiveness by focusing on the strengths of the employees and the organization and balancing the interests of both sides in the best possible way. For me, shaping the relationship between employees and the organization (in this sense, HR can stand for Human Relations) is a core strategic task of HR. However, there are no patent remedies for this. It is the responsibility of organizations to constantly question themselves in their HR work and to realign it if necessary. I have made it my mission to accompany such learning processes with and for organizations.

Strengthening cooperation in international contexts

Internationality has become an integral part of our work contexts. International locations are still being established and an international workforce can be found in many companies. Using the potential of diversity, differences and common ground to achieve business goals, especially in international contexts, increases the interest in developing cooperation even more effectively.

My support:

_Supporting international teams to strengthen cooperation and mutual understanding

_Development of collaboration across national borders to promote communication between employees at different locations 

_Alignment of HR work in an international context in order to combine local requirements and corporate goals

_Individual coaching offers in English language


In my work, I take an individualized and needs-oriented approach. In my view, sustainable and effective results are achieved when the joint process consistently takes into account and utilizes the relevant context and the different perspectives and needs of the stakeholders involved.

Based on an orientation meeting, we work together to develop a needs-oriented approach for the issue addressed. Together, we continuously reflect on progress and effectiveness in relation to your objective.


for joint work on topics and for further development

interactive | resource-oriented | insightful


for self-responsible work and reflection on professional or personal issues 

solution-oriented | self-determined | trustful

Business Sparring

for needs for exchange in an organizational role

experience-based | in partnership | honest


Learning and Collaboration Formats

for new forms of communication and collaboration 

multi-perspectival | enriching | action-oriented


for questions of professional relevance in HR and leadership work

focused | practicable | suitable

Phases of our Cooperation 

Orientation Phase::
Get to know each other, clarification of objectives, placement in previous activities and in the context, exchange of expectations, agreement on procedure and cooperation

Realization Phase::
Demand-oriented conception, methodical and procedural steering, process support and facilitation

Reflection Phase::
Regular joint review of effectiveness in relation to the objective, the process and our cooperation


"In times of ongoing dynamism and complexity, I consider constant learning and change processes, both on an organizational and personal level, to be important and at the same time normal challenges in order to make further development possible."



many years of experience in a leading international technology company (Bosch Group) in operational and strategic HR tasks, e.g. as HR Specialist, HR Business Partner and responsible for personnel and organizational development of a globally operating business unit (matrix organization, up to 20,000 employees)


University studies focusing Intercultural Communication and Business Administration (Human Resources Management, Leadership, Adult Education and Advanced Vocational Training)


some years of certified training in "Systemic Coaching" (Zentrum für systemische Forschung und Beratung, Heidelberg, Heidelberg, member of Systemische Gesellschaft), arsenal of methods for learning, workshop and collaboration formats


several years of responsibility for employees; support for specialists and managers in their organizational tasks and roles as well as in change processes; advisory support on HR development topics for C-level, SVPs, VPs


longer stays abroad before and during studies, professional activities in international contexts and several business trips abroad (especially USA, Asia)


Performance Reviews as Management Tool

What? Further training in workshop format with the management team (10 participants) on how to utilize performance reviews effectively

Who? Mechanical engineering company in the greater Dresden area within an international group structure and approx. 100 employees locally

Strengthening own leadership skills for challenges on your career path

What? Further training in workshop format with female junior managers in science

Who? University, international group of participants (15 participants), English-speaking

Supporting an organizational development process

What? Design and implementation of a management retreat and subsequent support for the future-oriented further development of the organization

Who? Association in the healthcare sector with approx. 30 employees 

Coaching of HR Officer including advisory support

What? Individual coaching of HR manager after assuming the HR role; advisory support for management and HR manager on HR-related issues in the course of a reorganization Who? Specialist mechanical engineering company in the Dresden area with approx. 80 employees locally

Systemic team consulting

What? Support for a team including management on an internal topic with potential for conflict 

Who? 6 participants from a municipal educational institution


Team development for a management team

What? Multi-day and consecutive workshops for 20 employees with leadership responsibility to further develop their shared understanding of leadership, their cooperation and their personal leadership skills

Who? Technology company in the pharmaceutical industry in the Dresden area within an international group structure and approx. 120 local employees


I am keen on learning new things, and working together strengthens me. Hence, I am grateful for the collaboration with:

Villa wirklich – Ein Ort zum Arbeiten, Wohlfühlen, Sinnstiften, Austauschen, Kreieren, Unterstützen, Sein.

Udo Hecker – Systemischer Coach für Persönlichkeits- und Teamentwicklung

Susann Ehrhardt – Beraterin & Organisationsentwicklerin für Internationalisierung, Vielfalt, Zugehörigkeit

Frances Blüml – Expertin für grafische Visualisierungen. Sie macht WISSEN & IDEEN mit dem Stift sichtbar und lebendig!

VON&KO – Strategische Marken- und Kommunikationskonzepte für Unternehmen im Bereich Industrie, Hightech, Umwelt & Energie.

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